Sunshine on the water

used for growing food,’ so the well-worn argument goes. It has been voiced at the highest level, with UK Environment Secretary Liz Truss telling a group of farmers that it “Makes [my] heart sink to see row upon row of solar panels where once there was a field of wheat or grassland, or livestock to graze”.

Little serious study has been done on the threat solar panels pose to food production, and Truss’s argument is disputed by the solar industry and many farmers. But a novel approach to the deployment of solar panels could help neutralise this argument before it becomes detrimental to the future of the industry.

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Oil & Gas Retail Market Reports announces a report on “India Oil & Gas Retail Market Opportunity Outlook 2025″. There are restrictions imposed on certain class of diesel vehicles due to environmental concerns.

India’s primary energy demand is going to rise sharply in at least next two decades due to its favorable conditions for economic progress – India economy is likely to cross US$ 3 Trillion mark by 2020 from US$ 2.1 Trillion now. Despite its ambitious push for renewable energy technologies, a major portion of India’s future energy demand will be met by hydrocarbon based energy resources due to technical and commercial advantages. In order to cut down its carbon emissions intensity of GDP, India is now emphasizing more on oil and gas than high carbon-intensive coal based technologies. Between Oil and Gas, India’s policy is focusing on greater usage of natural gas due to its low emission-intensity. All the segments of oil and gas sector is likely to grow at healthy rate due to massive investment potential including the downstream sector particularly marketing and retailing sector which is going to be biggest gainer.

India’s recent policy reforms in oil and gas sector are going to impact all the segments viz. exploration, production, refining and retailing but due to the already favorable market conditions, retailing is likely to be emerge more attractive segment for investment. In last five years India has stopped regulating prices of all petroleum products except LPG and Kerosene and has open the market as per international crude oil price. Analyzing the domestic consumption and exports of the five major petroleum or gas based products – petrol, diesel, ATF, LPG and CNG suggest the increasing attractiveness of domestic market for these products. Hence quite naturally oil and gas companies in India are focusing more on domestic market than exports. Consumption of petrol – one of the most commonly used fuels in transport sector, has been growing at an annual growth rate of more than 10% in last three fiscal terms showing the reasons for decline in exports at more than 6% annual rate in the same period.

Consumption of diesel, another most important fuel for India’s vast public transportation system has moderate growth rate of 7.5% year-on-year basis in last three fiscal terms. After decontrolling the difference between the retail prices of petrol and diesel has narrowed down. There are restrictions imposed on certain class of diesel vehicles due to environmental concerns. Hence the consumption of diesel still occupies the maximum share in consumption of all the petroleum products, had the lowest growth rate among major petroleum products. But with the rapid growth in economy and hence rising income level, India’s automobile sector is also likely to grow rapidly. Therefore all the estimates show India’s petrol demand is projected to grow twice the current level by 2025. On the other hand, despite relatively slow growth rate, India’s diesel consumption is also going to rise till any considerable time. The prices of both the products being directly linked to international market, it is easy to get the cognizance of domestic market for the global investors.

LPG is still one of the price sensitive petroleum products in India and its price continues to be subsidized. But the way subsidies getting provided are much more rationalized and scope of subsidies has also been curtailed. Besides, a parallel market of LPG has evolved, controlled by private players to sell LPG cylinders at market rates for both domestic and non-domestic purposes. The recent trend in the policies indicates that within a decade or even less the scope of subsidies will be cut further.

ATF is another petroleum product having impact on Indian economy as aviation industry being totally dependent on it. It is first petroleum product for which pricing was deregulated more than a decade ago in 2002. Considering the growth in Indian aviation industry in last few years and sensing the bright future growth opportunity, some of the international oil and gas majors including BP energy have already entered into India’s domestic ATF retail market and some others also have shown interest. India is projected to be third largest aviation market in world with three-fold increase in air passengers by 2025 thus pushing India’s ATF demand two-fold. In order to take the opportunity of that huge market, ATF retail market will see more international oil and gas firms in the queue to invest in India.

India has specifically mentioned its growing focus on natural gas in the coming years by enhancing share of natural gas in primary energy consumption to more than 20% by 2025 from 10% now. Though most of the increased demand of natural gas will come from power and fertilizer industry, the use of CNG is very likely to go up considerably in next five years’ time. As CNG is being considered as cleanest alternative among the hydrocarbon based fuels, transport sector in the coming years will see more growth in CNG enabled vehicles than petrol and diesel ones. Compliances against running of diesel vehicles in many parts of the country also going to work in favour of CNG demand. In order to cater the rising demand of CNG, number of CNG filling stations in India is going to increase by more than four times in next five years. In addition to the existing companies in retailing of CNG, more investment is very likely in the coming years to cash in on the rising demand and limited number of existing players.

Nigeria Record Earnings in Three Months on Oil and Gas Exports Crosses N1.05trn

Nigeria crossed a record earnings figure of N1.052trillion through the crude oil, petroleum products and gas exports. This record earning happened within just three months from January, 2016 to March, 2016. These figures were released officially by NBS (National Bureau of Statistics) for the 1st quarter of the year 2016. This report also indicated the 82.9% of these earnings happened through gas and crude oil exports from the total exports accounted as N1.27 trillion. Here, it is significant to realize that oil pricerose around 3% that helped to recover the losses incurred in the previous sessions. At the outset of US prediction for the higher oil demand, it is indicating further more business for crude oil for Nigeria.

Nigeria devalued its Naira recently and it impacted in different forms over the major business entities in the nation. President Buhari at this point made a good move through meeting Nigeria’s business leaders on the occasion of breaking Ramadan fast. This is definitely a best move from the President Muhammadu Buhari and reports indicating that a great assurance has been given to all the business leaders of the nation on the Naira devaluation. Here, improved business on crude oil, petroleum products and gas is significant economic success for the nation. It is imperative now to keep up the similar pacing with the growing business.

Boko Haram terrorist group is currently causing major havoc for the Nigeria government and this is directly or indirectly disrupting the oil and gas business in many ways too.  Luckily, Nigerian Military started getting upper hand over this terrorist group recently through rescuing more than 5000 captives from them. So many clearance operations are under way from the military in this regard and killing so many terrorists in this process too. If this is continued, then the terrorist activities will be under control in a way disruption for the oil and gas business can be eradicated totally too.

Oil price is increasing constantly for the recent days and this is definitely a great positive sign for the Nigeria economy. Here, Buhari as a president of the nation taking utmost care in way economic reforms can be appreciated by everyone in the country too. Also, military is slowly keeping the Boko Haramterrorist group under control too and this is another good help for the business of the crude oil and gas in the nation. The US is already confirmed that their oil production is below to their requirement for this year and upcoming year of 2017.

Get invested in gold with a gold backed IRA

For the average American, the best way to save the money you need to fund your retirement is to set up a tax advantaged account like a 401k or IRA and make regular contributions to it. Not only do you get to save money on a pre-tax basis, your investment grows based on the performance of the markets, meaning that in most cases, your account balance will far exceed your actual dollars contributed when it comes time to retire. That is, unless there is another financial crisis between now and then.

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about losing the money you have invested in your retirement accounts if you open another retirement account known as a gold backed IRA or simply gold IRA. A gold IRA allows you to invest in tangible commodities such as gold in order to better diversify your portfolio. The best part of investing in gold is that it doesn’t lose value in the face of poor performing financial markets like stocks, bonds and other paper investments do. Rather, gold and other precious metals actually increase in value, helping you protect your contributions and ensuring that your money is right there when you need it. This is because gold provides a hedge against losses when the stock market takes a hit and the economy slows down.

In addition to protecting your savings when markets are poor, investing in gold provides a myriad of other benefits to those looking for a better way to invest their hard earned money. This is why investing in gold alongside your other investments is a better overall strategy.

Protecting your money should be your paramount concern, second only to saving money for your retirement. If you are ready to take the first step towards a more financially secure future, it’s time to visit Goldco Precious Metals. Goldco Precious Metals is a leading online resource for gold IRAs. They have been working with people just like you to answer questions, provide guidance and support for opening and funding gold IRAs and providing solid investment advice. They have been working with people to help them create a better savings strategy for their retirement years and they can help you with yours as well. If you are ready to take the first step in ensuring that your money will be there when you need it, visit today and get the gold backed IRA information you need. If you have questions, the friendly, professional staff at Goldco Precious Metals is on standby, ready to provide you with complete and accurate information. They can also help you complete your paperwork, find a custodian if you need it and even help you fund your new account with a gold IRA rollover that allows you to fund your new account with no money out of pocket. It is really that easy to save smarter for your retirement.

Top Three Most Most Wanted Gold Coins Today

Gold coins are traded every day. Indeed, these coins will be the most most wanted collectibles of man. It is valuable because it contains some of the costly elements on this planet. People trade gold coins both for investment and aesthetic pleasure. However, be reminded that not every gold coins are created same. They vary on their rates because of rarity and quality. Moreover, the United States Mint is noted for its production of gold coins from 1795 to 1933. The denominations of gold coins are ranging from $1 to $20. By 1934, the government eliminated these precious pieces in the circulation through the increasing cost of gold in the global market. But, this did not hinder to end purchasing and trading gold coins. Gold coins are highly regarded by numismatists and coin collectors anywhere? around the world, both for their composition and their rarity.Below are some of the most wanted gold coins these days that you may find interesting:American Eagle Gold Coins
This is the official gold bullion coins in the U.S. It was legalized because of the Gold Bullion Coin Act of 1985. On 1986, it was first released because of the U.S. Mint. These coins are minted in various denominations. One can choose to avail the 1/10, 1/4, 1/2, and 1-ounce sizes of American Eagle Gold coins. Each coin contains 22 karats of gold. Its impeccable design features the classic “Walking Liberty” figure. Gold Eagles are well known choice among traders because they can be readily purchased from the U.S. Mint or through a number of reputable resellers.Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins
Since 1979, over 20 million troy ounces of Gold Maple Leaf coins happen to have been sold. The Royal Canadian Mint has released bullion coins that are categorized as .99999 gold. The weights of the coins are ranging from one-twentieth of an ounce to 1 full troy ounce. The Maple Leaf coins comes also in silver, palladium and platinum aside from gold. The rate of Gold Maple Leaf coins relies upon on the international market prices. Gold wafers and gold kilo bars are some of the other gold products produced by the Royal Canadian Mint.Krugerrand Gold
The South African Krugerrand is another popular coin preference among investors and collectors. These coins come in different sizes. The smallest contains 1/10 troy ounce of gold and the largest, 1 full troy ounce. Krugerrands are not pure gold. Little of copper is added to make the coin sturdier. Krugerrands are regarded as gold bullion. They aren’t currency or rare coins, and their value depends on the gold content of the coins. The Krugerrands have been the preference of the people since 1967, the time they were first minted.Surely, gold coins are precious pieces. Three of the most coveted coin pieces at present are the American Eagle Gold Coins, Canadian Maple Leaf Coins and the Krugerrand. If collecting gold coins, make your mind up whether you want to buy gold coins or gold coin bullion. Legal tender gold coins were minted as legal tender by governments all over the world. Most of these coins were minted before the 1930’s. While doing this time limit, the U.S. went off of the gold standard and stopped circulating gold coins. Gold bullion is manufactured and produced to appear closely as coin rather it is illegal tender. This metal is manufactured and made for its gold content. Gold traders will just must decide whether or not they are looking for a coin that’s made from gold or gold inside the shape of the coin.

Understanding Gold – One Of The Best Metals Ever Discovered

Gold is a vital piece of metal. It has changed a lot of lives. Its widely used today for it’s amazing properties. Originally, it was used as decoration due to its striking color, brightness and shine. It can be rolled and stretched as a wire. Moreover, it may also be flatten like a thin sheet through hammering.Brief History
Among the valuable metals ever discovered, gold was the first one to be mined because of its extraordinary beauty. Naturally, gold appears in the ground in its natural form. Ancient Egyptians used gold as decoration for their temples and tombs. In modern Egypt, many gold artifacts have been found dating back more than 5,000 years ago. Experts believe that the gold came from the upper Nile, Red Sea and Nubian Desert regions.When people found the first gold found in creeks and river, slaves and prisoners of wars are the ones who toiled and suffered to accumulate them. From there, the mining and methods of acquiring gold has greatly changed.Gold Utilized in Barter
People began to understand the value of gold once they used it to barter commodities like silk and spices. However, back then the value of gold is dependent upon the number but not with its purity. They found that gold is not practical for barter because of the weight of gold and transporting gold is very difficult.Gold As Decoration
The use of gold as decorative purposes has greatly improved too. People learned how to craft it. They began to mix it with other metal to make the gold jewelry piece sturdier. Pure gold is not heavy duty because it’s extremely soft. Kings and queens started wearing their crowns and they filled these symbolic objects with gold.Gold As Symbol Of Power
Kings and queens and people with great wealth sprinkled dust of gold on their food and drinks or put a gold leaf on the food to indicate off their wealth. Gold coins are also used as a recreation by the royals. Before, only the wealthy and the powerful are able to collect gold coins. But time has changed and now even those belonging in the middle class groups are capable of acquiring gold coins and bars for collection and investment purposes.Gold – Industrial Applications
In the field of medicine, tiny bit of gold being used in the development of surgical instruments and life support devices. There are medical practicioners who also see gold as a cure to certain medical diseases.A break through in derma care shows that threads made of gold can make the skin younger looking. As research shows that gold can help rejuvenates the skin.Dentist uses gold for dental fillings, crown and bridges. It is more durable than other materials, besides it has no odor and taste. Some people don’t like the notion of using it as a filling for their teeth.NASA uses a good amount of gold in manufacturing spaceships and other space gadgets. It is use in circuitry because gold is durable and an excellent conductor.In electronics and electricity, gold being a good conductor of heat and electricity is used in wirings, connectors and switches. It is being use in modern devices as well such as calculators, cell phones and computers.In some churches, there are crosses or crucifixions are created out of gold. The containers used in everyday communions are made of gold too. Some of the statues of saints frequently embroidered with gold. Some clothing for high priest and priestess are sewn in gold thread.Gold indeed is a very valuable metal. It is popular previously and are still often used today. The things mentioned above are just some of the basics about gold that you should know. It is wise to invest in gold. Think about the facts above and you are on your way to a good start in your gold adventure.

Things You Need To About Gold Coins And Gold Bars

In difficult times, it is vital take into consideration something to invest on. During inflation and severe economic recession, gold is a profitable investment. Beginners can start with the basic coins. They use it as hedge against dollar devaluation. Apart from gold coins, an individual can choose to spend money on bars. There are a number of kinds of gold coins much like the Historic European gold coins as well as South American gold coins that one could choose. Then again, you now have another way that is the gold bar. Following are interesting information about gold bars and gold coins that you will find helpful in your quest to investing precious metals like gold.Gold Bars
There are several types of gold bars. The Kilo gold bar is popular because of its size. It is very small. The price is affordable. The Tezabi gold bar is constructed out of old gold for example gold jewelries. Among the Chinese, the most popular is the Tael gold bar. In Singapore and the middle East, the Tola gold bar is the hottest. The most popular among traders are the Good Delivery gold bars. This type is being traded in London each day.The standard weight for these gold bars is 400 troy ounces. Though you can also find Good Delivery gold bars that weigh around 350 troy ounces or 430 troy ounces. Good delivery bars are 99.5% pure. Gold bars usually have markings that are stamped on one side. The markings may contain the manufacture’s name or symbol, serial number or registration number, weight and purity or gold content.You can buy gold bars in mints, banks or online. When owning gold bars, you have an option not to keep them at the comforts of your home. You can choose on whether to have them stored in a credible vault to avoid being robbed. After which, you are given a piece of paper stating where they your bars are stored and their registration numbers and of course their purity.Gold Coins
Several gold coins were minted and circulated as form of money, but for whatever reasons they stopped the circulation and the coins are accumulated as collection. These days, gold coins are very affordable. Besides gold, coins can be availed as silver, copper, bronze and nickel. Gold coins today are for collectors or investments. The worth of gold coins depend on the age and rarity of the coins. The most expensive gold coin that was sold is the United States $20 Double Eagle gold coin issued in 1933. It was sold at Sotheby at $7,590,020 in 2002. In 1933, the United States collected the gold coins they issued to have them all and prevent the hoarding of gold. However as some of it was hidden and one ended up at Sotheby. That explains why the gold coins at Sotheby were that expensive. Having that said, investing in gold coins is quite profitable especially those rare ones.Gold coins are available even online.Gold coins are much smaller than gold bars. Though some coins are big, they are still smaller than bars. Coins can be kept inside the house or it can be displayed and enjoyed by the rest of the family.It is effortless to transport gold coins. You don’t need to bother much if you are travelling with you coins kept inside your bag. Even if gold coins are small, its value is continuously rising.Choosing between gold bars and coins varies according to your budget and personal preference. The facts can help you in your quest. Remember that money is important but you should also have ample of knowledge about gold before starting to invest in gold.What’s the latest happening in gold bars trade? Know about the latest in gold bars, silver and platinum trade when you click on the links now.

Investing in Gold – Gold Stocks, Gold ETFs , Mutual Funds

Of all the precious metals, gold is the most popular as an investment. Investors generally buy gold as a hedge or harbor against economic, political, or social fiat currency crises (including investment market declines, burgeoning national debt, currency failure, inflation, war and social unrest). The gold market is subject to speculation as are other markets, especially through the use of futures contracts and derivatives.

Gold is actually more than just an investment as it is a highly valued possession that is often more than the cost of money. Prices have a tendency to rise during times of economic troubles and demand increases in countries experiencing downfall in their economies. As the demand increases, the prices rise as well. During inflation, many investors pull money from their stock and bond portfolios and invest in this precious commodity as it is often thought of as a primary hedge against inflation.

There are two main ways of investing in gold: you can buy the physical commodity or invest in financial products. There are pros and cons of each type of investment.

The Financial Markets have invented a number of solutions for investment purpose. People can invest in stock exchange; buy shares of multinational companies; buy foreign currency, prize bonds and others.

There are numerous Financial Products to invest in gold. You can purchase gold stocks, gold mining companies, gold ETFs, gold Mutual Funds in place of physical gold or bullion. These products are available through most Brokers and you should consult a professional and conduct your own research.

You can invest in physical gold in the form of bars and coins. There are also dealers who invest by buying and selling through the international exchanges.

Another option to invest in Physical gold without having to actually worry about keeping it locked up in a safe is using the gold accounts of banks. The units in the gold accounts in the banks are backed by physical gold held by the banks and you receive the banks assurance that you can convert your gold back to cash anytime.

Gold futures contracts are still another way of investing in the price movement of gold without actually taking possession. With futures, you can leverage you money many times enabling you to purchase a large amount of gold. You can often deposit as little as 10% of the purchase amount (i.e. $10,000 deposit to control $100,000 worth of gold). While this may sound great there are tremendous risks involved. If gold moves up 10% you could double your money and you would lose all of your investment if gold dropped 10%. Investing with gold futures are NOT for the inexperienced.

Investing in Gold

Before investing in Gold, or making any investment, you should conduct through research. To get the latest news and updates please visit To better research different investment opportunities an excellent site to visit is You can use this site you can investigate the different gold investment opportunities including, Gold Stocks,  Gold ETFs, Gold Mutual Funds, Gold Mining Companies and Gold Futures.

Why Physical Gold is Important

In the past few years, gold has gained a bit more exposure in national and financial news. People are starting to wake up to the fact that gold is in a bull market. But since gold is an asset that is only owned by 1% of Americans, most people don’t know what kind of gold to buy.

There are a number of ways to invest in gold. One, is purchasing gold mining stocks or related gold equities. Second, is to invest in gold exchange traded funds or gold futures contracts. Lastly, you can purchase real physical gold.

Gold mining stocks can be a good option, but be careful because mining stocks carry big risks. First of all, they are generally more volatile. Secondly, it’s expensive to mine, so be wary of oil and labor prices as this can eat into gold mining profits. Third, each mining company is different and mines have varying degrees of ore grades. Lastly, there is country risk due to government and political issues such as nationalization of mines, taxation and labor issues (strikes). In summary, mining stock investment is a complex area that requires a lot of research.

Gold Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) such as GLD offer a way to easily invest in gold. The GLD generally holds gold to back the equity shares of the fund. The GLD does a good job of tracking gold prices. Gold futures contracts track gold more accurately and allow you to purchase gold on margin. This can be good and bad as leverage is a good way to lose money if you don’t know what you are doing, so trading futures should be left to professionals. But realize that there are some risks in owning these paper gold investments. Gold gains value when people lose confidence in paper currency. There may come a time when physical gold has the real value and owning paper claims on gold such as GLD may not provide you with the protection against a currency crisis. If you are forced to settle in paper currency that is rapidly losing value in a hyperinflation you may just end up with a bunch of worthless currency.

Real physical gold provides the best protection against a systematic collapse that could ensue from the global sovereign debt crisis. And the best way to invest in gold is by buying gold bullion. Generally bullion comes in bars and coins. It is best to buy bullion from recognized private mints or governments have mints that produce gold bullion coins. The most popular recognized government minted gold bullion coins are the Unites States Gold American Eagle, the Canadian Gold Maple and the South African Gold Krugerrand. Though not as well recognized it is safe to buy Chinese Panda’s, Austrian Philharmonics and Australian Kangaroos. They may be preferable depending on your location.

There are other older coins that were minted many years ago and used as money. Many of these coins are considered numismatic, which means they have collector value. It’s a better idea to stay away from these coins as numismatics are an entirely different type of investment and require a lot of knowledge and study. Also, mints will make low mintage proof coins which are minted with a special press to give the coin a deep mirror finish. Proofs are also best left to collectors and not ideal for investment in just the gold value.

There are some older coins that are common date, high mintage that are generally sold only for their gold value. Old French and Austrian Francs, U.S. gold liberty coins and British Sovereigns are often purchased by gold advocates for their gold content. Unfortunately, there are some gold companiesthat trick naive investors by selling these coins at high premiums. So it’s advisable to do your research.

Some people claim that physical gold is cumbersome with storage issues. This is true to some extent though it’s fairly easy to secure gold by hiding it in your home or purchasing a safe. You can also get a safe deposit box at a local bank.

Others will claim that physical gold has a high premium. This is true as mints and wholesalers have to ask for a premium above the spot price of gold. However, the premiums tend to go up as the price of gold goes up. Only a few years ago you could buy a 1 ounce gold coin for $750 with a $25 premium. Now it’s not uncommon to see gold eagles selling for $1900 with a $100 premium.

In the end, it’s important to realize that the main driver of the gold bull market is currency debasement and owning physical gold is one of the few ways to mitigate the risk of a currency crisis that would hyperinflate the dollar, euro, pound and other major currencies.

Frequently Asked Questions For Those Who Sell Gold

If you are in the market to sell gold, you may be considering selling your gold online. This is a smart move, but it can be confusing. There are many factors to consider when choosing what gold to sell and who to sell it to. Here are some simple answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions.

Sell Gold- Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Much Money Will I Receive For My Gold? This is the most common question asked, because let’s face it, when you sell gold, you want to receive the most money you can. Some sites, like can give you an idea of how much your gold is worth at the moment, but you should keep in mind that the prices of gold change every day. Also, remember that most online gold companies will only pay a certain percentage of the price of gold.
  • What Kind Of Gold Can I Sell? Cash for gold websites accept all kinds of gold. You can sell your old gold coins, your broken gold jewellery, or even your gold teeth. If it is gold, you can sell it.
  • How Can I Tell If A Gold Company Is Legit? With so many different online cash for gold company available online, it is important to avoid scams. Make sure the company you sell gold to is legitimate. Check for customer testimonials on the website, as well as testimonials and reviews from other sites. Also, make sure the company has a legitimate address. Many scams come from fly-by-night companies that don’t take the time to set up in a real location. And if even if they do, they won’t provide you with a real address because they don’t want you to find them.
  • Sell Gold Jewelry- How Do I Sell My Gold? With most companies, selling your gold is an easy process. You will simply need to fill out a form on the company’s website requesting a gold bag. They will send the bag through the mail, you will place your gold in it, and then you can send it back. The bag’s shipping will be paid, so it will cost you nothing to send in your gold.
  • When Will I Get My Check? In most cases, once you have sent your gold off in the mail, you must wait until it reaches the company. As soon as the company receives it, they will value the gold and call you to let you know how much they will pay for it. If you are unsatisfied, you can simply ask for your gold to be returned to you. If the offer sounds good, though, the company will send you a check right to your door.
  • How Do I Know My Gold Is Safe During Shipping? If you are working with a legitimate cash for gold company, they will usually take steps to ensure safe shipping. This typically means they will ensure each gold package up to a certain amount. With this insurance, you don’t have to worry when you are sending in your gold.

When you are ready to sell gold, you may have a few concerns. Rest easy knowing you have the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Sell Gold Online